Letter to the Shareholders

Dear Shareholders, 2018 as a financial year represents an important step for the development of your company. The positive operating and economic results, as well as the solid financial position, confirm the trends of last year: together with the deep-rooted competence and the continuous motivation to improve the service, that are the determining factors that make ATM’s ambition credible and concrete as a key player in the integrated mobility of Milan and the Metropolitan City.

The dialogue with the Municipal Administration, with the Institutions and the entire industrial and entrepreneurial factors that revolve around Milan is intensified; thus the will of ATM to adhere to the “Milan System” is confirmed, contributing to a design of social and economic growth of a territory that goes beyond simple administrative boundaries.

The shared vision of the Smart City concept and the rapid development of digitization in the metropolis puts ATM at the center of a process that requires acceleration on all topics related to technological innovation, also through cutting-edge experiments. Technology offers possibilities that were unimaginable only a few years ago: ATM’s specialized culture and skills make it possible to guide this evolution, to the benefit of customer service.


With over 9,800 employees, ATM manages public transport and integrated mobility services in the city of Milan and in 95 municipalities in Lombardy, on a territory that affects over 2.5 million inhabitants.



Stakeholders of the Group

The following table shows the main methods of involvement implemented by the Group to relate to its Stakeholders.

Employees and their families
Municipality of Milan and other institutions of the PA
Suppliers and Trade partners
Territory, local communities, NGOs
Universities and research centres
Trade unions

Engagement activities

There are multiple channels available to ensure constant interaction between the Group and its employees aimed at guaranteeing the analysis and resolution of problems related to company personnel (ex: whistleblowing and channels of reporting non-compliance SA8000 for the certified legal entities).

Engagement activities

Multiple work channels guarantee discussion and continuous collaboration between ATM, the Municipality of Milan and other institutions.

Engagement activities

ATM Group manages its investor relations through channels designed for that purpose. (ex: conference calls, corporate website, periodic financial reports).

Engagement activities

The Group engages with suppliers through routine business conduct, through the procedures indicated in the SA8000 Certification.

Engagement activities

Every year, ATM organises initiatives aimed at involving local communities during the life of the company, stimulating discussion between the organisation and the community. ATM Porte aperte (ATM Open doors) is an example of an initiative aimed at giving the public an insider’s perspective of the Group’s business activities and getting to know the individuals dedicated to providing transportation services.

Engagement activities

Clients have the possibility to interact with the Group by sending their suggestions and complaints through the multiple physical and digital channels available to them, as well as through customer satisfaction surveys and initiatives for awareness.

Engagement activities

In 2018, ATM renewed its collaboration with Politecnico di Milano in lectures on Strategic Performance Management in the Transportation Sector, and with Bicocca University in its Master in Public Transportation Management. The Group also continued its recruitment activities, identifying interested candidates for internships within the group structure.

Engagement activities

The media are engaged mainly through participation in corporate presentations and press conferences.

Engagement activities

Trade unions are engaged on a continuous basis through the establishment of regular relations with the unions present within ATM Group.

Materiality Matrix

The purpose of the materiality matrix is to present the sustainability issues considered most relevant for the ATM Group and its Stakeholders.

of the local
public transit
Relevance for stakeholders
Relevance for ATM
Noise and vibration
Intermodality and
integration of services
Business strategies
Diversity, Welfare and
work environment
Responsible supply
chain management
Relations with the
community and local development
management of resources
and waste
Employee training and
Energy consumption
and environmental impacts
Protection of employee
health and safety
Ethics and integrity
Quality and accessibility
of services
Security & Safety
Governance, risk
management and compliance